World Healing Centre

World Healing Centre – Matthew Lennon Healer uses his extra sensory abilities to make his own diagnosis & prognosis of a patient’s illness / injury & treat them accordingly. He treats all illness / injury, no matter how serious from brain damage/ life threatening to other major diseases in the body. Made with WordPress Custom… Continue reading World Healing Centre

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Company Car Sticker

Company Car Sticker Cartoon Car Sticker for the company Elementos 3000 made in Illustrator. Sosua, Dominican Republic Car Sticker Design Company Link:

Finca La Contenta Logo Design

Finca La Contenta Logo Design Used as reference. Designing Finca La Contenta Logo – Made with Illustrator. Jamao al Norte, Dominican Republic Design Company Link


Villamar – Logo Design Color Version Black and White Version Villamar – Logo Design – Made with Illustrator Sosua, Dominican Republic Logo Design Company Link

CNC Door

Creating a Door with CNC Machine Machining a door with Solidworks. Cinema 4D Model, Solidworks for the Workpath. Made for the company Elementos 3000 Sosua, Dominican Republic 3D Works Company Link