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If you need to go with a professional solution, we offer what you need. Delivering quality with all the bells and whistles since 2011. Are you ready to bring your vision to life? At Karich Design, we specialize in a diverse range of creative and technical services that cater to your every need. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. From captivating video editing and mind-bending visual effects to compelling ads, intros, and stunning 3D animations, we’re your partners in creating content that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. Our skillful team also excels in logo animation, seamless compositing, and masterful photo manipulations that elevate your brand to new heights. Our Services

videocam Photo and Video Editing Transform your visuals with expert photo retouching, video production, and advanced VFX using Adobe Suite. With over 20 years of experience, we offer photo restorations, intricate manipulations, and artistic transformations. Our video editing services, using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects, include sound editing, music addition, storytelling, ads, intros, and outros. We also have extensive experience in social media content creation and optimization. videocam photo_camera Photo and Video Services Animation and 3D Modeling Web Development Game Development local_movies Bring your projects to life with our animation and 3D modeling services. Using Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Unreal Engine, we create stunning logo animations, detailed 3D models, and high-quality visual effects. Our expertise in compositing and interactive experiences ensures a polished and professional result, whether for marketing, entertainment, or immersive storytelling. We combine technical proficiency with creative vision to deliver exceptional, custom-tailored animations and models that exceed expectations. Animation and 3D Modeling Web Development Game Development videocam Photo and Video Editing Experience cutting-edge web design and development with our comprehensive services. We offer high-end server hosting, state-of-the-art technology, and a full range of solutions including web design, email services, and CDN integration. Our expertise spans CSS, JavaScript, HTML, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, and .NET, ensuring robust and scalable web applications and webshops. Whether you need a sleek website or a powerful web application, our services are designed to provide optimal performance and a seamless user experience. Check our Webservices videocam Photo and Video Editing Web Development Animation and 3D Modeling Game Development Optimize your operations with our server management and automation services. We ensure your servers run efficiently with minimal downtime, leveraging the latest technology for robust performance and security. Our services include automated backups, software updates, and proactive monitoring to prevent issues before they arise. Enjoy seamless integration and enhanced productivity, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the technical details. Animation and 3D Modeling Web and App Development Server Management Game Development videocam Photo and Video Editing Create immersive gaming experiences with our comprehensive game development services. Utilizing Unreal Engine and Unity, we develop engaging and interactive games from concept to launch. Our expertise includes 3D modeling, animation, and VFX to bring your game to life with stunning visuals and seamless gameplay. Whether you’re looking to build an indie game or a large-scale project, our team delivers high-quality, custom solutions tailored to your vision and goals. videocam Photo and Video Editing Animation and 3D Modeling Web Development App and Game Development Recent Projects Elevate Your Digital Presence with Our Comprehensive Services

1712 Animated People - Unreal Engine 5.4 3D Works, App & game development, Videos Details May 29, 2024 1726 Presa Taveras in Unreal Engine 5.3 3D Works, Videos Details May 9, 2024 1659 Colinas Verdes 3D Visualization 3D Works, App & game development, Designs, Videos Colinas Verdes – the future project on the north coast near Río San Juan. 3D Models created in Cinem Details March 15, 2024 1060 Sunshine Cleaner Designs, Web SOLAR CLEANING BY A PROFESSIONAL COMPANY ECO-FRIENDLY AND GENTLE PHOTOVOLTAIC CLEANING Renewable en Details August 6, 2023 1015 World Healing Foundation Designs, Web World Healing Foundation – Matthew Lennon Healer uses his extra sensory abilities to make his own di Details December 14, 2022 983 World Healing Centre Designs, Web World Healing Centre – Matthew Lennon Healer uses his extra sensory abilities to make his own diagno Details September 8, 2022 651 Company Car Sticker Designs Cartoon Car Sticker for the company Elementos 3000 made in Illustrator. Details May 3, 2022 409 North-Industries Designs, Web Designed to fit the theme of the Game Dual Universe: Link The page is a description of a vibrant ga Details April 28, 2022 259 VPS Server Manager IT & Administration, Web Managing Server Processes and shows Statistics. Written in PHP, JQuery and MySQL. Running on Nginx S Details April 21, 2022 235 Business Card Finca La Contenta Designs Business Card - Finca La Contenta Made in Photoshop Business Card Details April 19, 2022 207 Whatsapp Booking Bot App & game development, IT & Administration Automating Reservation Process over whatsapp. Written in Java and PHP. Made for the Company World He Details April 17, 2022 188 Rona Roller 3D Works, App & game development Rona Roller - Android Game Ball Rolling Game developed with C# in Unity – Still in closed beta. But Details April 17, 2022 178 Finca La Contenta Webpage Designs, Web Finca La Contenta - Webpage Small Business Webpage in WordPress with Tour Functions. Guestbook, Herb Details April 1, 2022 85 Sosua Sunshine Properties Designs, Web Sosua Sunshine Properties Real Estate Website – Listing System, Picture Gallery, Custom Water widge Details March 22, 2022 140 Villamar Web Villamar - Webpage Small Business Website, Content Update, Booking Form, Design Update. WordPress C Details February 16, 2022 193 Finca La Contenta Logo Design Designs Finca La Contenta Logo Design Used as reference. Designing Finca La Contenta Logo – Made with Illust Details February 2, 2022 203 Villamar Logo Design Designs Villamar - Logo Design Color Version Black and White Version Villamar – Logo Design – Made with Illu Details February 1, 2022 82 Ozeanic Caribbean Webpage Web Ozeanic Caribbean - Website Tour Provider Website – Excursions System, Apartment Booking System with Details January 9, 2022 181 N-App (KB-Chat) Cross Plattform Chat App & game development, IT & Administration, Web KB-Chat - Cross Plattform Chat Secure, Encrypted, Decentralized Private Chat app for Windows, Linux Details June 15, 2021 40 Website Marcel Electro Web Website Marcel Electro Small business Website, Contact form, Multilanguage, WordPress CMS Details April 28, 2021 21 CNC Door 3D Works, Designs Creating a Door with CNC Machine Machining a door with Solidworks. Cinema 4D Model, Solidworks for t Details April 16, 2021 43 Lifestyle Emotions Promotion Video 3D Works, Videos Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Promotion Video. Lot of 3D Works. Premiere, Cinema 4D, Realflow and Details September 17, 2020 211 Clan-banner for Teamspeak 3 IT & Administration Clan-Banner - Teamspeak 3 Changing Clan Banner with current time for USA-East, Dominican Republic an Details August 5, 2020 131 Denkmal Koblenz 3D composit 3D Works, Pictures Denkmal Koblenz - 3D Compositing A Monument in Koblenz 3D Composition. Made with Cinema 4D and Photo Details September 5, 2019 73 Villa Samana Industrial Video 3D Works, Videos Villa Samana - Industrial Video Industrial Video – About selling a High end Villa in Samana Details August 20, 2019 137 Maranz CD Player 3D Animation 3D Works, Pictures Maranz CD Player - 3D Animation 3D Visualization of a Maranz CD Player. Made with Cinema 4D and Phot Details June 10, 2019 47 Chairmans Circle Industrial Video 3D Works, Videos Chairmans Circle - Industrial Video Industrial Video – Exclusive Membership Chairmans Circle / Lifes Details November 14, 2018 51 Deskflex Industrial Video 3D Works, Videos Deskflex - Industrial Video Industrial Video – Flexible Computer Desks for Police, Ambulance and Fir Details October 17, 2018 69 Julius Bär Bank Industrial Video 3D Works, Videos Julius Bär Bank - Industrial Video Industrial Video – Julius Bär Bank. Made with Premiere, After Eff Details August 12, 2018 63 Weytek KVM over IP 3D Works, Videos Weytek KVM over IP Industrial Video – Weytec KVM over IP Details July 6, 2018 172 Mexico Jacuzzi Fix 3D Works, Pictures Mexico Jacuzzi Fix Picture and 3D Compositing Details May 3, 2018 59 Feistmantl 3D Works, Videos Feistmantl Industrial Video – Container Cleaning Services Details April 4, 2018 91 Weytec Deskflex Mini Graphics 3D Works, Pictures, Work Samples Details November 6, 2017 116 LS Picture Retouche Pictures, Work Samples Details August 27, 2017 241 Zazeen Motion Graphics Concept 3D Works, Designs, Work Samples Details August 12, 2017 55 Trolley Wash 3D Works, Videos, Work Samples Details July 17, 2017 222 Bitcoin Flyer Designs, Work Samples Details March 15, 2017 102 Weytec 3D Graphics 3D Works, Pictures, Work Samples Details May 28, 2016 238 Crypto Mining Machine 3D Works, Pictures, Work Samples Details May 13, 2016 175 Hispaniola Beach Pictures, Work Samples Details April 13, 2016 79 Model Retouche Pictures, Work Samples Details February 17, 2016 225 Car Sticker Designs, Work Samples Details November 19, 2015 229 Business Card GT7 Media Designs, Work Samples Details August 11, 2015 88 LS Rolls Royce Retouche Pictures, Work Samples Details July 8, 2015 123 Kristalldorf 3D Works, Pictures, Work Samples Details June 19, 2014 246 Hispaniola Beach 3D Visualization 3D Works, Work Samples Details February 6, 2014 97 Picture Restauration Pictures, Work Samples Details March 6, 2013 255 Lifestyle 10 years Aniversary 3D Works, Videos, Work Samples Details June 6, 2012 33 Dream Project 3D Works, Videos, Work Samples Details June 16, 2010

Let us help you realize your dreams. Proficient in a dynamic blend of creative and technical domains including photo and video editing, animation, 3D modeling, VFX, web and app development, server management, and code scripting. Fluent in multiple languages (German, English, Spanish) and adept with tools such as Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Unreal Engine, Unity, Visual Studio, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, Visual Basic, Bash, Batch, Python, and Java. ARRANGE CONTACT +1 (829) 627-7200 [email protected] Jamao al Norte – Dominican Republic WRITE US