Animated People – Unreal Engine 5.4

People Office Animation Active Development Client: 31.05.2024 – State Changer, fixed waling path of NPC’s Adding State Changer Blueprint for smooth character movement on stairs. States Added to Animation Blueprint (Scared/PhoneCall/Run/UseFaxMachine/Conversation/Meeting/UsingComupet/Texting/UsingStaircase). Animation for close up shot of opening scene. Export Test to Cinema4D. Spawned character, recordet into sequencer and exported to FBX. Reconnected Textures… Continue reading Animated People – Unreal Engine 5.4

Lifestyle Emotions Promotion Video

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Promotion Video. Lot of 3D Works. Premiere, Cinema 4D, Realflow and AfterFX
Lifestyle Holidays vacation Club, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Chairmans Circle Industrial Video

Chairmans Circle – Industrial Video
Industrial Video – Exclusive Membership Chairmans Circle / Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Made with Premiere, Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Deskflex Industrial Video

Deskflex – Industrial Video
Industrial Video – Flexible Computer Desks for Police, Ambulance and Firefighter Offices. Made with Premiere, After Effects and Cinema 4D


Industrial Video – Container Cleaning Services