World Healing Centre

World Healing Centre – Matthew Lennon Healer uses his extra sensory abilities to make his own diagnosis & prognosis of a patient’s illness / injury & treat them accordingly. He treats all illness / injury, no matter how serious from brain damage/ life threatening to other major diseases in the body. Made with WordPress Custom… Continue reading World Healing Centre

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North Industries – Gaming Community Forum Designed to fit the theme of the Game Dual Universe: Link Dual Universe is a first person based space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role play game video game in development by the Paris-based game development studio, Novaquark. It is reported to combine elements of Eve Online and Star… Continue reading North-Industries

VPS Server Manager

VPS Server Manager Managing Server Processes and shows Statistics. Written in PHP, JQuery and MySQL. Running on Nginx Server. Its open source and free to use for everyone, download at Github Go to Website

Finca La Contenta

Finca La Contenta – Webpage Small Business Webpage in WordPress with Tour Functions. Guestbook, Herbal Book, Image Gallery feature. Go to Website


Villamar – Webpage Small Business Website, Content Update, Booking Form, Design Update. WordPress CMS Sosua, Dominican Republic Website Go to Website

Ozeanic Caribbean

Ozeanic Caribbean – Website Tour Provider Website – Excursions System, Apartment Booking System with Calendar, WordPress CMS Samana, Dominican Republic Website Go to Website

Website Marcel Electro

Website Marcel Electro Small business Website, WordPress CMS Cabarete, Dominican Republic Website Go to Website