Animated People – Unreal Engine 5.4

People Office Animation

Active Development


31.05.2024 – State Changer, fixed waling path of NPC’s

Adding State Changer Blueprint for smooth character movement on stairs.

States Added to Animation Blueprint (Scared/PhoneCall/Run/UseFaxMachine/Conversation/Meeting/UsingComupet/Texting/UsingStaircase). Animation for close up shot of opening scene.

Export Test to Cinema4D. Spawned character, recordet into sequencer and exported to FBX. Reconnected Textures and scene (Python script).


Adding NPC Running and state machine


Adding Animations.

People reacting to bin fire. Bin fire is tiggered by a button. Made with 100% Blueprints

Character Selection

Character Generation

Characters made with Character Creator 4.2 by